Interior Book Design and eBook Formatting

eBook Formatting

$45 per hour

Please contact me for a custom quote.

To give you a fair and accurate quote on your eBook, I will need to see a sample. Nonfiction titles cost more due to items such as special formatting, subsections, endnotes, and illustrations, which take extra time to format. Plan on $70 and up for a nonfiction book, and a minimum of $50 for fiction. 

Interior Book Design (Formatting/Typesetting)

$45 per hour

You supply your manuscript or other content in Word, PDF, InDesign, or Open Office, and I will supply you with a PDF print-ready copy that can be uploaded to Amazon or other print-on-demand services such as Lulu. The total cost will depend on the complexity of your design (for example, books with pull quotes and sidebars take more time to design). Fill out the Get Started form, and let’s talk about your project. 

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