Editing Rates

The final project cost is based on a per word count (with a minimum of $25 per project).

Proofreading: $0.015 per word

Copyediting: $0.025 per word

Content editing: $0.04 per word

Fact checking: $40 per hour

Formatting footnotes/endnotes/bibliographies: $40 per hour

E-book conversion and print book formatting: Click here for more information and rates

In order to deliver the best final product for manuscripts, I recommend proofreading in addition to copyediting or content editing. For clients choosing more than one service for a project, I give a 10% discount.

For all services, I’ll do a no-cost, no-obligation sample edit of several paragraphs in order to determine the level of editing required. If you agree with my evaluation and editing style and choose to proceed, I’ll provide a contract for the project, which will include a time frame for completion. 

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