Indexing Services

If you are not sure that you need an index or who should create your index, see Why Index?

General/Subject Indexes

Because this is my passion as well as my business, you will find my rates are at the low end of industry standards. My indexing rates range between $4.00 to $8.00 per indexable page. In a typical nonfiction book, the text of the entire book is indexed as well as substantive content in notes. Much of the front matter is not indexed nor are glossaries, bibliographies, and other such lists.

I offer a no-cost, no-obligation review of your project* and will provide a precise analysis of how many indexable pages you have and what the total project cost would be. If you choose to proceed, I’ll provide a service agreement for the project.

Scripture Indexes

Scripture indexes range from $1.00 to $2.50 per indexable page. Bible, Apocrypha, and Pseudepigrapha book abbreviations should be in a standard style such as General or SBL. I can include other ancient texts, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, if desired.

Free Quote

*I reserve the right to refuse any particular work that violates my Statement of Faith or contains profanity or inappropriate sexual content, is morally objectionable or criminal, or promotes anti-Christian sentiments, beliefs, or practices. I also reserve the right to define any of the mentioned reasons according to the dictates of my own conscience (or as God leads me). In addition to the reasons already given, I will refuse to edit certain manuscripts that may, infrequently, fall outside of my expertise.

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