Additional Testimonials

I spent years accumulating information and documenting everything I learned in the past forty-two years in my business, always thinking that one day I’ll write my book. What held me back was imposter syndrome. I built a successful business but didn’t think I knew enough to write a book and tell people how to be successful. Also, I was a poor student and afraid people would see I didn’t know how to communicate what I know. Honestly, my spelling was so bad, sometimes spellcheck didn’t know what I was trying to spell!

That is, till I met Liz Smith. Liz was so much more than my editor. She helped me realize I had valuable information to share and a book people needed to read. She helped me flush out ideas in a clear and concise way. Then she turned my ideas and what was important to me into a book that I’m proud of in my own words.

Thank you, Liz! Because of you, I believe in myself and I now realize I’m an “expert” in my business. I never thought I’d say this, but now I call myself an author… and it feels so good! I’m thinking about writing another book! You helped me see what is possible and opened up a whole new world of opportunities, and I’ll be forever grateful!!


Terry Begue, Author, Attract & Keep Customers for Life

Liz Smith did an amazing job editing and formatting my book. There were several components that needed to be included, and Liz was very helpful in giving me exactly the information I needed as well as the links to the sites I needed to go to for everything. My book is a very personal story, and I appreciated her respect for that and her care in making it the best it could be without changing my voice or the story. I will definitely be recommending her to others in need of her services. Thank you, Liz!

– Cindy Morse, self-publishing author

“Liz was fantastic! She was extremely professional and went above expectations for both proofreading and indexing. This has been by far one of the smoothest projects I’ve worked on, and I would definitely recommend her services!”

-Katie Smith, project manager for Judith Scharman Draughon, self-publishing author, dietician nutritionist

Liz Smith has blown me away with the index she created for our memoir, Conspiracy of Grace. This index is a thing of beauty! Intricate, yet simple. Could I have done it myself? Absolutely not. Not only does it take skill to find the word topics to include and know how to format, but you have to be able to carefully, succinctly describe the topic and break it down further into one to five words. Magnificent is all I can think of to say. This is going to add great reader value to Conspiracy of Grace.

– Robbi Cary, Editor, Author, Coach, Mentor, Speaker

Liz was a godsend! Serious. I was a first-time author, and she graciously walked me through the editing stages. She was very timely in her responses and her work. She caught things that my initial formatter missed. She also recommended things that, in hindsight, I wish I would have listened to her advice. I plan to write again, and she will be hands down my first choice. If you are planning to write Christian nonfiction then look no further. Her resume says it all!

–  Scott Torres, Family pastor at Harvest Community Church, Huntersville, NC, self-publishing author

Bringing a manuscript to Liz is like going to a good dentist. She scrapes off the crud, fills in the holes, and straightens things up. The process can be painful at times, but in the end you’re glad you went. I brought my book to Liz with the assumption that it just needed to be polished, but it became clear through several revisions that certain concepts required elucidation and some sections needed expansion. To say that it came out of the process a different book might be to overstate things, but not by much. I would highly recommend Liz’s editorial services to anyone looking to make their writing shine, and especially to Christian authors/publishers seeking thoughtful, informed criticism.

— John Morganti, self-publishing author

Thanks for your great index for [the] book! I am impressed. . . . I appreciate your prompt and thorough work so very much. Now I know where to send my clients who require indexers!

— Marilyn Anderson, editor

God most definitely led me to Liz in my seeking direction for completing my book. I am most thankful for that. Not only is she fast, very accurate, but she is also a wonderful encourager. The book I wrote was my very first. I knew absolutely nothing about how it should flow, what it should look like, what would capture a reader. But she did and does. I hope to write more in my future. Without a doubt, Inksmith Editing will be my choice to make the work more meaningful. Beyond being a professional, Liz is first a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and the most attractive quality.  Thanks, Liz—I’ve grown to love you dearly.

— Keiva Sandlin, self-publishing author

I worked with Liz on various aspects of completing my book and throughout the editing & publishing process, she was always extremely diligent. The completion of my book took months and there was a lot of back and forth, but Liz was always patient and focused while pointing out key aspects that could improve my book.  She consistently went above and beyond by giving tips outside the realm of what I contracted her for.  I truly appreciate her for her high-quality work while providing a fair cost.

It was truly a pleasure working with her and she made the process of self-publishing a lot less daunting as I hadn’t had much experience.  There are many words I could use to describe her, thoughtful, meticulous, thorough but I’ll just say awesome as that pretty much sums it up! 

— Courtnye Jackson, self-publishing author

We were delighted with our decision to rely on Liz Smith’s expertise to lay out the manuscript for our self-published book. Our 140,000-word book was complex with 23 chapters, bullet points, indented quotes, callouts, illustrations, endnotes, bibliography, and index. Liz was a joy to work with. She was always responsive and adaptive to our need to make last-minute changes in the text. The final product is 5 star all the way.
Liz Smith, thank you so much for being there for us! We couldn’t have done it without you!
— Elizabeth Carman, self-publishing author

Liz did very professional work—fast and accurate—and showed good communication, creativity and problem-solving skills required for an out-of-the-ordinary project. I would definitely work with Liz and InkSmith on any new projects I might have in the future.

— Scott Paly, SP Publications, LLC, self-publishing author

I would strongly recommend Liz Smith to anyone in need of publishing assistance. Her help and guidance were invaluable to me, especially in the copy editing and design of the book.

— Richard DeGiacomo, self-publishing author

I reached out to Liz for help with editing my manuscript. I had worked with other professionals and many of them didn’t have the experience of e-book formatting work as well as editing services. Liz handled all these things very well for me and worked closely with me on a regular basis. I was very satisfied with the work and communication.

— Matt Roswell, self-publishing author

Liz Smith has done a magnificent editing job. She is detailed and very proficient and offers great suggestions with regards to any changes. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.  As a first time author, I felt very safe especially as all communication was prompt and clear. I would most certainly use Liz’s service again.

— Julie Sursok, self-publishing author

I am VERY happy to let you know that I found ZERO mistakes. . . . I will give you a FANTASTIC grade of A+++ on the work! I am actually stunned with how good the quality is and how speedy you turned it around. . . . I love how you take great care with God’s Word. . . . You were able to discern [what the pastor] was doing [in the] middle of the passage exposition of the text. . . . I just wanted you to know how much I am impressed with your work!!

— Ken Hartman, Jupiter, Florida

[This] is a wonderful resource for churches and pastors. Liz is efficient, timely, and dependable in her work, and is easy to work with, without any fussy requirements. Her desire to serve the Lord through getting the preached Word out in written form is a blessing to the people of God. I highly commend Liz Smith to you.

— Rev. Ryan Davidson, Author; Pastor/Elder, Grace Baptist Chapel, Hampton, Virginia

The assistance Liz provided me was invaluable in the production of my first book. As a novice and lacking any knowledge of the process, she directed me into making the right connections and decisions. Although Liz and I live in different countries, any additional cost, to me, was inconsequential. I wanted to work with a Christian and I believe that the Lord led me to her.

— Audrey Thompson, self-publishing author 


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